Small Engine Repair Services

As seasons change throughout the year, different elements affect your lawn, such as scattered fallen leaves during the fall and mounds of snow during the winter. Small engines such as lawnmowers, chain saws, and snowblowers are instrumental for your residential upkeep, as they help maintain your front and back yards. But over time, some system issues may arise, causing your gears to function inefficiently.

Ham Lake Hardware Hank provides a wide array of equipment repair, troubleshooting, and tune-up services for your small engines. As a one-stop shop for your hardware needs, we aim to fix any issues with your lawn maintenance machines, garden tools, and various electronic equipment. We offer different types of tune-ups as part of our small engine repair services. Keep in mind that parts are not included for most of our tune-up offerings.

Lawn Mower Tune-Up
We provide tune-up services for self-propelled and push lawnmowers. Tune-ups improve your equipment's efficiency, so your mower can keep running smoothly. Some benefits of a regular tune-up include increased fuel economy, extended engine life, and fewer emissions.

Riding Lawnmower Tune-Up
Riding lawnmowers should undergo tune-ups once every year. Regular checks help the engine start faster, operate smoother, and run better overall. We provide tune-up services for lawn tractors and z-turns (zero-turn lawnmowers); carburetor rebuild is not included.

Snowblower Tune-Up
Our tune-up services for snowblowers vary for single-stage and two-stage engines. We provide a complete tune-up for the single-stage type, while we offer engine-only tune-up and complete tune-up for the two-stage option. It’s a good routine to schedule a snowblower tune-up at least once annually.

Chainsaws, String Trimmers, and Blowers Tune-Up
Small engine maintenance services include chainsaw, string trimmer, and blower tune-ups. Note that for 4-cycle grass trimmers, extra labor is a requirement.

Sharpening for Chainsaw Blades, Lawn Mower Blades, and Other Blades
Constant use will dull the blades of your cutting and mowing machines. We offer sharpening services for all types of chainsaw and lawnmower blades.

Chainsaw sharpening services are available in two options: off the saw and on the saw. Rates for lawn blower blades vary between straight, mulching, and commercial or riding blades. We also sharpen other tools and equipment, including circular saws, knives, scissors, shears, gardening tools, and drill bits.

Ham Lake Hardware Hank is your go-to store for small engine repair, rental equipment, and lawn and garden needs. Reach out to us if you need quality materials and services for home maintenance.