Tips for Maintaining Your Lawn Mower

April 21, 2022

Though homeowners keep up with cutting the grass on their lawns, they sometimes overlook caring for the machine that helps them with this task – the lawn mower. It is essential to keep your lawn mower in excellent condition so it can last a long time. To make this possible, here are lawn mower maintenance tips that you should learn.

Change the Engine Oil

Make sure to read the mower’s manual to learn how to change the oil correctly and what type to use. Replace it if it’s old or contaminated. Change the oil once a year or after a 50-hour usage of the mower.

Sharpen the Blades

Keeping your blades sharpened and balanced is crucial for the mower to work effectively. Using worn-out blades can contribute to the deterioration of your lawn mower because this method requires additional power and fuel when cutting grass.

You can sharpen the blades yourself by using an angle grinder or a file. After this step, you need to balance the blades on both sides to avoid any damage to the mower. If you are not familiar with this process, it would be best to take your mower to a professional who can repair it.

Clean or Replace the Air Filters

Prevent the engine from overheating and from getting clogged with dirt by keeping the air filters in good condition. Clean them with a mild detergent every 25 hours of operating the lawn mower. You can also replace the filters after 300 hours of usage or after each season.

Keep the Mower Deck Clean

To prevent the mower from clogging, scrub the underside of the deck. Keeping it clean and free from grass buildup allows your mower to maximize its suctioning capacity. This will help in bringing the grass up and cutting it off cleanly.

Make it a habit to clean the deck after mowing your lawn to easily remove the accumulated debris. Before you tip the mower back on its side, ensure that you detach the spark plug. Then, scrape out the grass that had piled up with a blower or a bristle scrubber.

Remove or Replace the Spark Plugs

Disconnect the spark plugs before tuning up the lawn mower. This way, you can keep yourself safe by preventing the machine from starting accidentally. If the spark plugs have deteriorated, replace them with new ones.

Contact a Professional for Your Mower Maintenance Needs

Reach out to a local repair shop in your town if you want a professional to do the lawn mower tune-ups. Contact Ham Lake Hardware Hank in Ham Lake, MN to learn more about our lawn mower maintenance services.